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Monday, May 10, 2010


There is this episode of “All in the Family” where both Archie and Michael each tell their version of an event that had just occurred. It is quickly proven that Archie’s version of the story is a complete fabrication but then it is pointed out that Michael’s version is also wrong. Gloria says to Michael, “You’re as bad as my father.” At which point Archie bursts into laughter “Ha, hear that Meathead, you’re as bad as I am!” For those of you who are too young to know what “All in the Family” is (I hate you) the joke is this: Without knowing it, Archie just made fun of himself.

The conservative news outlets are saying this oil spill is Barack Obama’s Katrina. What does this mean?
Are conservatives saying Obama is handling this disaster as badly as President Bush handled Katrina? If that is the case, isn’t the conservative media admitting that it’s been lying by saying that the response to Katrina wasn’t George Bush’s fault; that contrary to what they have been saying, Bush actually DID do a crappy job. Doesn’t this means that the apologies Fox and their ilk have been peddling, for the last five years, in relation to Katrina, have all been lies?
Or is the conservative media saying that just like Bush, Barack Obama is doing the best he can with what is, admittedly, a bad situation and, like Bush, Obama is being unfairly criticized by main stream the media.
Conservatives, can you please clarify this for me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Check out the current issue of Newsweek. The magazine takes on the Goddess of all quack medicine, Oprah Winfrey. Wow, Newsweek’s got balls!

Celebrities get to where they are by wearing blinders. They must have the ability to ignore other people’s opinions. To succeed in Hollywood (along with a mountain of luck) you have to have persistence. Persistence entails the ability to ignore everyone who doesn’t agree with you.
You must ignore critics who question your ability (that is to say the people criticizing the methodology by which you do things). You must ignore friends that might tell you it’s time to give up this acting thing and get a real job (that is not accepting results). And you must ignore odds that tell you your chances of succeeding are one in a million, (that means you must be bad at math). All those qualities that make for a successful celebrity make for a lousy scientist.

A good scientist (or doctor) should listen to his or her critics. If others can show a scientist’s methodology is wrong then that scientist needs to change tactics. He or she cannot ignore evidence. Evidence is a scientist’s bread and butter (or beaker and bunsen burner if you will). They must go were the evidence leads. That means they should move on if the evidence says so. A good scientist doesn’t ignore results that contradict what they were setting out to prove, they embrace those results. They might even publish those results. Can you imagine a celebrity wanting to publish their bad reviews?

And, lastly most scientist are good at math.

This all might seem anti-intuitive to becoming successful. It goes against everything Dr. Phil has told us. Sorry, that’s the way science works. I know Oprah fans might hunt me down for saying the following, but here it goes: Don’t take medical advice from Oprah! Oprah is a very successful celebrity, but she’s a really bad scientist and an even worse doctor.