First off, I would like to say Happy New Year. I can’t seem to shake this nagging feeling that 2009 will be a really good year.
Recently our local, progressively minded, free newspaper, The Orlando Weekly, printed an article in which they asked local newsmakers what they thought 2009 will be like. They chose some county commissioners, a radio news personality, and some local charity board members to use their crystal balls to pear into the future. The responses the paper received were interesting but not outstanding with the exception of one, Kim Wade, resident “psychic” at a New Age Shop in Orlando called Avalon. I want to compliment Wade for her STUNNING AND DARING predictions for 2009.
Without the benefit of ESP, gay activist, Michael Wanzie foresees Florida’s ban on gay adoption being lifted in 2009. Kim Wade, on the other hand, went out on a limb to say “Political things will be front-row center” in 2009.
Because of the slowing economy, reporter, Mike Synan of WDBO radio was willing to predict the renovation of the Citrus Bowl would be canceled. By contrast, Wade, really put her money where her mouth was by predicting “We’re going to start tightening the belts.“ She wouldn’t even say “our belts.” because that would be too much of a commitment. She said “the belts.” Someone someplace will be tightening some belts that may or may not belong to them.
Even County Commissioner, Robert Stuart was weak in predicting a second national championship for the Florida Gators. But, Wade demonstrated a powerful, penetrating vision that burrows into the murky future like a laser by stating “We’re going to see more as far as – it’s not going to be so much the big guy as far as money, big time.” …… What???


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