Want to not be a zombie? Change your Mind about something. Find a subject that you hold a specific position on and actively and honestly try to change your own mind on that subject. Do some research, read some of the opposition literature, really make an effort to understand the other side of that position.
I’m not saying give in to some something. I’m saying actively seek out a subject in which you can honestly say “I use to hold position A but after doing more research I now hold position Z which is it’s direct opposite.” You don’t have to change your mind about everything, just find one thing, anything. Start with something that is not to close to you, something you can give up without it meaning much.
You might even try arguing that new position with a friend just to test whether you really understand it. I'll explain using the A and Z thing again. Let’s say you hold position A and your friend also holds position A. (That’s probably why you're friends) I’m saying make an honest and sincere attempt to argue position Z with your friend. Pick something fun, I’m not out to rip apart friendships here. Your friend might think you’re a little crazy but tell them it’s an experiment. Or tell them you were drunk.

Why should you do this? First it will sharpen your critical thinking skills. If you are honestly trying to support your new position Z you will see and point out the flaws in your friend’s position A. Those mistakes were ones that up until a second ago you yourself where making. Second you will discover why your friend holds position A. You might be surprised. They might not be the same reasons that you had for supporting position A. Third and most importantly, it will give you an idea of what you sound like when you were arguing position A. You might not like what you hear. Now you have a chance to correct that. It will make you a better person.


claire said…
This photo is the best. When were you in a giant crowd of bloodied zombies? You are sooooo brave. You look so relaxed, confident and handsome! I still don't want to debate you though. I am scared. I love all the images and writings on your blog.

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