A new poll shows that the number of Americans who believe scientist’s warnings about global warming is presently at 57%. This is a drop of 20 percentage points in just three years. It reminded me of a discussion I had with a (non-specified) relative a while back. We were talking about global warming and he said that he wasn’t worried about rising sea levels. It did not matter if the ice at the poles melted because when icebergs melt, they do not change the overall sea level.

I said he was wrong, and started mercilessly attacking the right wing conservative news media that he listens to. He countered with a fact that he thought would blow me out of the icy water. As the cubes melt in your full glass of soda, the liquid does not overflow. How could I explain that! He was so pleased with himself. My retort was ready. To be honest, I heard it on one of those lefty tree hugging shows I always listen to. But I was going to enjoy repeating it. I actually got out of my chair, walked over and sat down next to him to deliver the chilling blow. I said Climate scientists are not worried that the melting icebergs at the North Pole will change sea levels. They are worried about the giant ice sheets that cover all of Greenland and the Antarctica. I sat back in my chair and waited for his gracious reply. Naïve me. I assumed he would say something like, “wow Nick. I hadn’t thought about that, thanks. Maybe I should reevaluate some of the media sources that I get my science news from. Golly, you sure are a great (non-specified) relative. What he said instead was, “I said melting ice does not change water level. Nick, I am right. Why can’t you admit it?” - I’m such an idiot.


Anonymous said…
Yeah what a sucker u are. You should have just busted out your electric lift and giant slide show and messed his ass up Gore- style bro.
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I think you’re smart to not believe what a politician has to say about a scientific matter but I base my position on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change. Their 2007 report stated with 90% certainty that human activity has caused climate change. The report projects 7-23 inche rise in sea levels by the end of the century

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