I remember watching this cartoon a while back where Lex Luthor built this super powerful mega intelligent robot to destroy Super Man. As with all super powerful mega intelligent robots, the machine became sentient. Lex could no longer control it, so to get it out of the way; he sent it to the other side of the galaxy. But, the robot fought its way back from the edge of space and headed straight for Earth.
Being a man of means, Lex, persuaded all the Earths space agencies to confront the machine. Lex even talked the Justice League into helping protect him from the Robot. After all, he argued, the Justice League had pledged to protect all humanity (even Lex.) But nothing could stop the robot. The machine smashed all the defenses Earth could muster. Even the Super Heroes themselves were no match for this juggernaut.
In desperation Lex barricaded himself in a cement and steel re-enforced bunker, deep under LuthorCorp. But the robot crashed through the walls, effortlessly. Stone and metal exploded everywhere and Lex was thrown to the ground. The robot advanced and stood threateningly over the fallen billionaire. In a last ditch effort Lex attempted to reason with the machine. It was obviously powerful beyond description. What, he inquired, could the robot possibly want with little old Lex. Without missing a beat it said, It just wanted to ask Its creator (Lex) what It’s(the robot’s) purpose in life was.

Even though the robot was about to crush him, in true arrogant “Lex Luther style” the billionaire stood up looked the machine straight in the eye and said, “you idiot. We each make our own purpose in life.”
Nice message hidden in that cartoon. And I love the man’s pride, even in the face of certain death. If he wasn’t always trying to kill other people, I would have said Lex Luthor was a Secular Humanist. For that one moment, Lex got it absolutely right.
If you ever find yourself moping, around contemplating the meaning of life, if you’re ever confused about what you’re supposed to be doing with yourself or wondering If the universe or some god has some special purpose for you - then knock it off. Stand up, strap some balls on and realize we (each of us) make our own purpose in life - no one else.
Don’t ever justify a mediocre life by saying “well maybe god has some purpose for me that I don’t know about.” Or “I can’t do something because I have responsibilities to someone else.” BULLSHIT! You’re not an extra in someone else’s story. If you want to paint - then paint. If you want to write – then write. If you think you should be sailing around the world – take sailing lessons. Figure out what YOU want to do and if it doesn’t hurt other people, start doing it. Don’t sit around waiting for someone else to offer you the opportunity to do what you want to do. Go do it yourself, now! THE MEANING OF YOUR OWN LIFE IS DEFINED BY NO ONE, EXCEPT YOURSELF.
That’s one of the reasons why I write this silly little blog.


Anonymous said…
I love this.

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