When someone says to me “You cannot prove there is no God,” I agree with him whole hardy. Why do I bring this up? Partially because I’m writing drunk again, but also, because someone wrote me and said my “Lex Luthor” post was a poor argument against the existence of God.

I am sorry the piece was unclear. It was not intended to disprove God. Believe me if I were setting my sights on God I wouldn’t bring up a comic book character. I might mention drowning children in tsunamis, but hey, I’m silly that way.

As brilliant as I imagine I am (usually directly correlated to how much wine I’ve consumed), I still would not be able to prove there is no God - because I cannot prove a negative. I cannot prove there are no blue polar bears, either.

In order to prove there are no blue polar bears, I would have to track down every polar bear in the world and hold a color chip up against his fur. Not only would this be logistically imposable (and dangerous), it still would not prove there were no blue polar bears. There would always be some schmuck who could say, I might have missed a bear, and he would be right.

In order to prove there is no God, first I would have to come up with a way to detect her. God’s invisible, right? Maybe I could see her with some kind of x-ray glasses, like that scene in “They Live.” That’s one problem to work on. But then, I would have to go to every corner of the universe with the x-ray glasses and take look around. And I would have to do this all at the same time because she might be moving. She could be on Jupiter while I was checking out Pluto. It would be challenging to say the least. So, I cannot prove God does not exist.

And here is where the believers, usually mess up. I do not HAVE to prove there is no God. I am not making the assertion - they are. It is their job to prove the existence of God, not mine to disprove it.

If a guy walks into a hospital dressed in nothing but the American flag and announces that cancer is caused by little Russian submarines in people’s blood streams, that’s all fine and dandy. He might be correct, but don’t expect doctors to start injecting patients with miniature depth charges. It is up to the patriotic nude guy to bring the evidence – maybe a microscope slide with the Nautilus drawn on it, something.

This is called “the Burden of Proof” and it is absolutely crucial for thinking logically. If we do not follow this rule then people would have to chase down every crackpot idea that was ever thought up buy every guy in a tinfoil hat and lunch meat in his shoes.

So some of you believe in God, frankly, I don’t care. But believe me; I DO care if you’re sitting around waiting for him or her, and that was the point of the article. If you are waiting for something to happen in your life, I consider that a wasted life. And, that makes me mad. Not mad because you believe in God, mad because of the waste. And make no mistake - the waste is present weather God exists or not. Because, if God exists, then he has already given you a gift far greater than merely assigning you a role while you’re here on Earth. He has given you free will. He has given you the ability to choose your own goals, your own destiny. So my final conclusion from that last post still stands, weather you’re an Atheist or Mother fucking Teresa. Do not settle for the life assigned to you. Get off your ass and start doing what you want to do!


Tom Bailey said…
You seem like a highly intelligent guy with opinions I might not always mesh with but "wating" is not something the bible would support

If any should not work niether should they eat.

Mathew 5:41 is an excellent verse that really goes to the level of doing more it is likely the origin of going the extra mile a statement that even athiests seem to embrace.

I like your blog but do not agree with a majority of your conclusions but you do have a fun blog to read.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey
I’m glad you agree that we should neither ask for, nor expect anything from God.

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