The Late Night Snack - episode 012

This week we talk about ten MORE commandments, x rated candid camera, and the national security threat that is Yarn Bombing. Plus the conspiracy game takes a trip to the most evil place on the planet, the Denver International Airport.

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Dumbass said…
Hey Nick, I've fallen behind on the last few episodes of your podcast so I'm here downloading them.

I was just wondering, do you need any help setting up an RSS feed? The way you've got things set up here, you're making it kind of difficult for people to find you and to keep up with your episodes.

You've got some really good material, and I'd love to see it get out to more people. If you'd like, I'd be really happy to have you join my Dumbass Media Empire.

I won't demand much of you at all, and I can help make sure that people can find and listen to you much more easily. I'll set up everything for you.

Send me an email and we can talk about this. Neither of your old email addresses I have on file seem to be working, so let me know what address you're using these days.

I hope to hear from you!

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