Russell Crow and the Flood

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that he was looking forward to the upcoming Noah movie with Russell Crow. This got me thinking.  In that story, Noah is portrayed as a virtues man but in reality who is the hero there? Who is saved? Not the best of humanity, surely. If I was writing the movie this is a scene I might include:
Imagine as the flood water begin to rise. The town’s people start realizing their mistake and many decide to make a run towards the ark. You can imagine a young mother with her child trudging through the mud, getting to the Ark and finding the gangplank has already been raised. In desperation she holds up her child toward the upper deck. “Please,” she cries, “I have sinned, I am not worthy. but at least save my baby.” As the rising waters begin to make the massive ship shift, Noah, standing at the rail, spots the young woman.  The water is now at her waist. My inspirational addition to the bible story would have Noah call out to his sons, “Quick fetch a rope and a basket.” As Noah secures the rope to the basket his oldest son protest, “But father this might be interpreted by the Almighty as going against Gods will.”
“if that is true, then let my soul be damned. Today, I will save a child.” He throws the basic to the mother. The woman places the child in the basket just before she is enveloped by the wave, and in the pounding rain, the child is hauled to safety.

What we get instead is Noah at the railing turning his back on the people below, making his way to the lower decks. As the black waters rise, he and his family sit at a table eating there first dinner in silence. The muffled screams of people and animals are heard outside. Hooves of horrified innocent beasts throw themselves at the hull. Humans claw at the wood. Slowly the noises drop away, as one by one, man and animal alike is suffocated by the waves.  Noah and his family ignore it all, and continue to eat their dinner thus securing their place in heaven. These are not honorable people. This is a family of psychopaths. Maybe it would have been better that all humanity parish that day and allow God to try again with a new species rather then allow those few to be our forefather.

I understand that I am not going to heaven. That’s fine. But I assume that most of the religious believe they are going there. As they are there sipping margaritas and being fanned by beautiful woman (or man) how will they enjoy themselves knowing that billions of there fellow humans are at that moment, suffering unimaginable torture below. How can one truly be happy with the knowledge that billions are having their flesh ripped from their body for all eternity for what can only be described as finite sins. I get it, we all need to be punished for the bad things we do. But if by some miracle I made it to heaven (and believe me it would take a miracle) I personally could never be happy knowing others (people I personally know) were suffering horribly for eternity (let me repeat “for eternity”) for sins they did while they were alive. You have to ask yourself, how is that margarita going to taste?


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